Premium Mini Barn Storage Sheds in PA

Our mini barn storage sheds from Storage Sheds and Garages offer the perfect, versatile storage solution. Without taking up a ton of space on your property, our mini barns can hold:

  • Lawn furniture
  • Garden tools
  • Bicycles
  • Seasonal Decorations
  • And so much more!

Starting at $2220, you too can enjoy the benefits of added storage while adding value to your home. Enhance your storage space with one of our mini barns! Get in touch with a member of our expert team today to get a quote.

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Secure Tools & Equipment With Our Mini Barn Sheds for Sale

Looking for a trustworthy structure that’s tough enough to withstand the elements of your backyard? Our mini barn sheds for sale are a wonderful addition! Due to their strength to withstand strong winds and inclement weather, you don’t have to worry about compromising the structural integrity of your new shed.

We want you to feel confident when you purchase one of our structures. This is why we offer a 3-Year Top to Bottom limited warranty on any shed or garage manufactured by Storage Sheds and Garages LLC. Our quality craftsmanship cannot be beat!

Reach out to our team to get more information about our mini barn sheds for sale to transform your backyard storage.

Maximize Outdoor Space With Our Wide Range of Mini Storage Barns

Tailor your mini storage barn to fit your unique needs and keep everything easily accessible, while also reducing clutter in your backyard. Designed with height in mind, take advantage of the vertical space in our mini barns and consider installing overhead shelves to help free up floor space. Efficient use of available space helps maximize storage and organization on your property!

Each of our mini barns features a 4×4 pressure treated skid form the foundation, with a standard wall height is 6’7″ on 8′ & 10′ wide buildings and 7′ high walls on 12′ & 14′ wide buildings. Our sheds also come with a standard set of double doors with an aluminum diamond plate guard and a 30-year architectural shingle! Explore more of our mini storage barn features and customizable options in depth below.

Mini Barn Shed Basic Construction
Basic Construction

  • 4×4 Pressure Treated Skid form the foundation
  • Floor joists are standard 2×4’s 16″ on center
  • 5/8″ SmartFinish Wood Flooring
  • Walls are Standard with 2x4s 16″ OC
  • Walls are 46″ High
  • ½” LP Smartside Siding Finishes the Exterior OR
  • Optional (Cedar Creek Vinyl Siding w/ ½” Wood Sheating) OR
  • Optional (Painted Smart Side LP Lap Siding)
  • Set of Double Doors with Aluminum Diamond Plate Guard
  • Includes 1- 18×27″ Window
  • Rafters are constructed of 2x4s 16″ OC
  • Roof consists of ½” sheeting
  • Tar Paper
  • 30 year Architectural Shingles
  • Standard Double Door widths:
    • 8 wide building = 4′ Wide x 6′ High Doors
    • 10 wide building = 5′ Wide x 6′ High Doors
    • 12 wide building = 6′ Wide x 6’4″ High Doors
    • 14 wide building = 7′ Wide x 6’4″ High Doors

Mini Barn Shed Prices

**Prices do not include delivery!**

Available in 6 foot, 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, and 14 foot

SizeSmartsideVinyl & LP Board & BattenHardie Plank & Pine B&B
6 X 8$2,220$2,890$3,330
6 x 10$2,475$3,220$3,710
8 X 8$2,500$3,250$3,750
8 X 10$2,730$3,550$4,100
8 X 12$2,985$3,880$4,480
8 X 14$3,225$4,190$4,840
8 X 16$3,465$4,500$5,200
10 X 10$3,325$4,320$4,990
10 X 12$3,705$4,820$5,560
10 X 14$4,080$5,300$6,120
10 X 16$4,425$5,750$6,640
10 X 18$4,810$6,250$7,220
10 X 20$5,180$6,730$7,770
10 X 22$5,560$7,230$8,340
10 X 24$5,935$7,720$8,900
10 x 26$6,300$8,190$9,450
10 x 28$6,685$8,690$10,030
10 x 30$7,085$9,210$10,630
12 X 12$4,075$5,300$6,110
12 X 14$4,475$5,820$6,710
12 X 16$4,890$6,360$7,340
12 X 18$5,305$6,900$7,960
12 X 20$5,715$7,430$8,570
12 X 22$6,130$7,970$9,200
12 X 24$6,535$8,500$9,800
12 X 26$6,945$9,030$10,420
12 X 28$7,350$9,560$11,030
12 x 30$7,765$10,090$11,650
12 X 32$8,185$10,640$12,280
12 X 34$8,590$11,170$12,890
12 X 36$9,025$11,730$13,540
12 X 40$9,825$12,770$14,740
14 X 20$7,090$9,220$10,640
14 X 24$8,175$10,630$12,260
14 X 28$9,155$11,900$13,730
14 X 32$10,130$13,170$15,200
14 X 36$11,095$14,420$16,640
14 X 40$12,075$15,700$18,110
Mini Barn Shed Exterior & Roofing Colors
Paint Colors
barn red Barn Red
beige Beige
belmont blue Belmont Blue
black Black
chestnut brown Chestnut Brown
Mission Brown Mission Brown
dark brown Dark Brown
dark gray Dark Gray
hunter green Hunter Green
khaki Khaki
pequea green Pequea Green
ronks gray Ronks Gray
sandstone Sandstone
white White
Vinyl Colors
antique ivory Antique Ivory
classic linen Classic Linen
heritage gray Heritage Gray
khaki Khaki
sage Sage
sandstone Sandstone
slate blue Slate Blue
slate gray Slate Gray
white White
Shingle Colors
charcoal gray Charcoal Gray
dual black Dual Black
dual brown Dual Brown
dual gray Dual Gray
earthtone cedar Earthtone Cedar
Monaco Red
atlantic blue Atlantic Blue
emerald green Emerald Green
weather wood Weather Wood
Metal Roof Colors
ash gray Ash Gray
black Black
textured black Black (Textured)
bright red Bright Red
bright white Bright White
brown Brown
burgundy Burgundy
textured burgundy Burgundy (Textured)
burnished slate Burnished Slate
textured burnished slate Burnished Slate (Textured)
charcoal Charcoal
textured charcoal Charcoal (Textured)
clay Clay
copper metallic Copper Metallic
evergreen Evergreen
textured evergreen Evergreen (Textured)
gallery blue Gallery Blue
ivory Ivory
ivy green Ivy Green
light stone Light Stone
ocean blue Ocean Blue
pewter gray Pewter Gray
polar white Polar White
rural red Rural Red
textured rural red Rural Red (Textured)
tan Tan
Standing Beam Metal Roofing Colors
charcoal Charcoal
burnished slate Burnished Slate
burgundy Burgundy
rural red Rural Red
evergreen Evergreen
gallery blue Gallery Blue
black Black
textured rural red Rural Red (Textured)
textured burgundy Burgundy (Textured)
textured evergreen Evergreen (Textured)
textured burnished slate Burnished Slate (Textured)
textured charcoal Charcoal (Textured)
textured black Black (Textured)
Brown (Textured)
LP Smartside Stain Colors
Golden Wheat
Charcoal Stain
Natural Cedar
Natural Redwood
Natural Teak
Chestnut Brown
Mini Barn Shed Options
Wood Doors
Double Wood Doors $200
Double Colonial Wood Door $300
Double Wood Doors w/ Transom Windows $300
Double Colonial Wood Doors w/ Transom Windows $400
Carriage Wood Doors $575
Single Wood Door $125
Single Arched Wood Door $200
Slab Doors
Single Fiberglass Slab Door $125
Slab Door 4-Lite Glass $175
Slab Door 6-Lite Glass $195
Slab Door 9-Lite Glass $175
Slab Door 11-Lite Glass $175
Slab Door 15-Lite Glass $215
Double Fiberglass Slab Doors $250
Double Colonial Slab Doors $300
Slab Door 9-Lite Half-Round Double Doors $395
House Doors
Solid House Door $295
House Door 9-Lite $350
House Door 11-Lite $350
House Door 15-Lite $390
Double Solid House Doors $500
Double House Doors 9-Lite $600
Double House Doors 11-Lite $600
Double House Doors 15-Lite $680
Garage Doors
9×7 Carriage Garage Door $240
Sunburst Garage Door $150
Add windows to overhead door$100
Door Hinges
Garden Hinge Single $8
Double $15
Standard Hinge Single $6
Double $12
Strap Hinge Single $18
Double $35
Door Handles
Standard Garage Door Latch
Garden Shed Latch
Carriage Garage Door Latch
Horse Shoe Latch
Standard Latch
Additional Door Options
12″ Wider Doors$40
24″ Wider Doors$60
Higher Doors7′$125
Extra Single Door$125
Extra Double Door$200
6′ Pine Carriage Doors w/ Glass$575
Double Fiberglass Solid House Doors6′ Opening$500
Double Fiberglass w/Glass House Doors6′ Opening$600
8′ x 7′ Double Doors$100
Extra 8′ x 7′ Double Doors$300
Fiberglass House Door Solid36″$295
Fiberglass House Door w/9 or 11 Lite Glass
15 Lite is $40 more
8′ x 6′ 6″ Overhead Door$890
8′ x 6′ 6″ Insulated Overhead Door$1,050
9′ x 7′ Overhead Door$975
9′ x 7′ Insulated Overhead Door$1,135
Add Windows to Overhead Doors$230
Add Sunburst to Overhead Doors$290
Upgrade to Carriage Overhead Door$350
Upgrade to Insulated Carriage Overhead Door$475
Add 5′ or 6′ Double Arched Wood Doors$575
Upgrade to 5′ or 6′ Double Arched Wood Doors$100
Add 36″ Single Arched Wood Door$350
Add 36″ Single Arched Wood Door to Dormer$50
Upgrade to Colonial Wood Door$75/door
Add Transom Windows to Wood Door$50/door
Add Arched Transom Windows to Wood Door$100/door
Swap regular door for slab door$25/door
Add glass to Fiberglass slab door$50/door
Upgrade to Insulated Door$100/door
Vinyl Siding Upgrade to Fiberglass DoorN/C
Paint Fiberglass Doors$25 per door
Carriage Window $175
Add Transom Window above standard window  $50
46″ x 46″ Insulated Window $295
3′ x 6′ Concession Stand Window w/ Vinyl Shelf (insulated) $450
Octagon Window (does not open) $75
Row of Transom Window in Gable $100
Additional 18″ x 27″ Window  $80
Upgrade 18″ x 27″ to 24″ x 27″ playhouse$20
Additional 24″ x 27″ Window$100
Upgrade to 24″ x 36″ playhouse$40
Additional 24″ x 36″ playhouse$120
Wood Carriage Style Window$225
Upgrade to 24″ x 36″ Insulated playhouse$105
Upgrade to 30″ x 36″ Insulated playhouse$225
Credit for No Octagon (Dormer only)$40
Skylight (25″ x 49″)$500
Credit for No Window$50
Pair of Shutters$50
Pair of Shutters for 36″ Windows$50
Flower Box$50
Louvered Shutters $30
Raised Panel Shutters $30
Z-Style Shutters $30
Flower Boxes
Wood Flower Box $30
Vinyl Flower Box $30
Floors (Price per sq./ft.)
Treated Joists Only$1.00
Floor Joists 12″ on center$0.35
3/4″ T&G Smart Finish Wood Flooring$.50 per sq/ft
Double Bubble Insulated Floor$1.00
R-13 Fiberglass Insulation$1.25
No ShinglesLess 4%
Hip RoofAdd $795
Dormer PackageAdd $795
Metal Roof
$400 more per transom/cape cod dormers
$800 more per 2-story shed dormers/house dormers
Add $4 sq/ft
Rain Gutters & Downspouts
Standard Gutters & Downspouts$6 per linear foot
Leaf Guards$3 per foot
Special Order Colors (not white, hunter, or khaki)Additional $2 per linear foot
Ramps – Extend 3′
4′ Ramp$120
5′ Ramp$130
6′ Ramp$140
8′ Ramp$190
9′ Ramp$220
Standard Wood Gable Vent $40 ea.
Ridge Vent$9 per ft
Arch Gable Vents$60 ea.
Vented Soffit$7 per ft
Vinyl Garden Vent $35
Standard Vinyl Vent $25

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Use your mini barn storage shed for organizing your tools and equipment or a handyman’s workshop! No matter the storage needs for your outdoor space, our mini barn storage sheds are the trusted choice. Not only will your immediate needs be met, but you will have reliable storage for years to come.

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