Dormer Sheds

Our sheds come in a variety of styles and one of the most distinctive is the dormer shed. A dormer is a roof feature that allows a window to be set vertically within the roof slope. This creates a jutting out from the roof, providing a neat exterior visual aesthetic while allowing more natural light within the building. 

Here at StorageSheds and Garages we have four styles of dormer sheds to pick from.

Standard Dormer

The Standard
Dormer Shed

With the dormer flush with the front of the shed, the front siding continues up to the peak of the dormer. As the peak of the dormer is at the same height as the peak of the roof, a pleasing triangular shape is created, giving the whole roof precise look. The window inlaid in the dormer is a beautiful octagon in a tic-tac-toe pattern utilizing nine panes of glass.

Cape Cod Dormer

The Cape Cod
Dormer Shed

This is similar in a lot of ways to the standard dormer shed: same octagon window, same triangle shape that peaks at the same height as the main roof. However, the Cape Cod dormer has one distinctive feature: where the standard dormer continues uninterrupted from the shed face through the peak of the dormer, the Cape Cod is offset from the façade by a strip of roofing. This creates the sensation that the triangle is independent from the front of the shed.

Standard Transom Dormer         Garden Transom Dormer

The Standard Transom and
Garden Transom Dormer Shed

A transom completely eschews the triangular dormer in favor of a rectangular appearance. It looks like a flap is lifted to reveal two series of rectangular windows of four panes each. The differences between a standard and garden transom are subtle—the garden transom features a thicker rim between the windows and the roofing, as well as thicker edges around the windows.

Choices Common to All Dormer Sheds

The bevy of options we offer for our dormer shed styles will allow you to configure your shed purchase to your preferred visual and functional aesthetic. You can decide between multiple sizes of shed, size and style of door, whether or not you want shutters for the windows, and color scheme. 

You can get our standard ½" LP Smartside siding, or opt for vinyl siding. If you want, add a skylight. We can add shelves or lofts. Or, we can provide the materials to make your new shed usable as a chicken coop. The possibilities are endless!